When adding new clients and contacts in Pixie, you might find situations where new clients need to be created from contacts. Here's the most common example we encounter...

You have a limited company client with two directors. You create a client record (limited company) and add the two directors as contacts. But as well as doing work for the company, you also do personal tax work for the directors. In Pixie, we recommend creating new client records for your individual clients as this helps you to keep their emails, files, and tasks separate from the company. This means you need to create new client records for the two directors.

So in this example, you would end up with three client records:

  1. Client A (Ltd Company)

    1. Contact 1

    2. Contact 2

  2. Client B/Contact 1 (Individual)

    1. Contact 1

  3. Client C/Contact2 (Individual)

    1. Contact 2

Instead of duplicating your effort and manually creating two new client records, you can do this quickly and easily in Pixie by creating clients from your contacts. Here's how it works...

1. Go to the client record with the contacts you want to create clients from

2. For each contact, click the 3 dots in the top right corner and select the option 'create client from contact'

3. Follow the client set-up wizard and add any additional information

Depending on what information is on your contact record, Pixie will pre-populate some of the client fields.

We'll also set up the contact on the record for you.

4. Once complete, link your new client to the other client record

You can read a more comprehensive guide on linking client records here.

You then need to repeat steps 2-4 for each of the contacts you need to create new client records for.

Here is what your original company client record would look like once done. Notice we have two linked clients under the contacts, taking us directly to the individual client records we have created.

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