You may be in a trial or using Pixie as your workspace CRM and come across the following message or seen the following email (with your workspace name and logo):

The Reason code 7A5K-C1053D is code for "Task Closed" and simply means the portal cannot be accessed by your clients to provide you documents because the task is "marked as complete".

So how do we get around this? The simple answer is to keep the task open, but what if there was a way to make sure your clients never get this error message. You can create a template with 2 subtasks with a client secure portal by following the below Loom:

But what if the issue is coming from the "client task" tab within the task? Perhaps the portal is closing because your client has uploaded the documents required and completed the checklist, notified the advisor (you) and the task is complete. It's the same situation as earlier. Here's how to keep your client portal open:

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