Once a tax return is complete in BTCHub, you will be able to send it to your client for review and e-signature completion. To do this, click Review email and send.

The email screen will automatically be populated with your client's details and includes the completed tax return for their review.

You can also set an auto-reminder to remind your client to sign off the tax return.

Pixie will then email them every three days, for example, until they sign or reject the document or until four total reminders have been sent (whichever happens first).

Once you've clicked Send to client, you will see that the tax return status has changed to Sent to client. If required, you can jump back to the tax return in BTCHub by clicking Open in BTCSoftware, no matter the tax return status.

Once the email has been sent, your client will instantly receive an email from Pixie to let them know that you've sent across their tax return for review and signing.

Your client will then need to click View Document, which will open Pixie's document e-signing platform, with the client's tax return in PDF format to review in detail.

If the client is happy with the tax return, they can electronically sign the document easily from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

(To learn more about Pixie's document signing integration, please review our "Document Signing" collection here)

Once the client has successfully signed the tax return, they will see a confirmation screen, and they can then close the page in their browser.

Once the client has completed this, you will see that the tax return has been approved, and you can go to the BTCHub to send the tax return to HMRC.

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