When you first open the BTCSoftware integration, a setup wizard will help guide you through the process of importing your existing clients from BTCHub. This allows you to match to any existing clients you may already have in Pixie.

If a client doesn’t already exist in Pixie, they will be created for you automatically during this stage.

If you have clients with similar names, the BTCHub reference is shown to help you match them to existing clients where required.

You will then be prompted to import any tasks (i.e. in-progress tax returns) into Pixie. You can either click select all to import all task returns, or you can select which ones you want to import at that time.

You can always come back to the wizard by going to Settings > Integrations > BTCSoftware to import more tax returns later if you wish.

Once the wizard is complete, a task for each tax return will appear in your work.

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