With the Pixie and BTCSoftware integration, you’re able to import clients and in-progress tax returns, manage your own progress, send tax returns for electronic signing, and automatically remind your clients to make payments to HMRC.

To use the integration you must have a licence for BTCHub (please get in touch with BTCSoftware if you’re not sure if you’re using BTCHub already).

The integration only works for Individual Tax Returns (ITR) for the 2020/21 tax year at this time.

If you’re an existing Pixie and BTCSoftware client, please get in touch with Pixie’s support team to enable the integration. You can do this by going to Get Support > Contact via chat.

If you’re not using Pixie yet, please get in touch with BTCSoftware who can provision a Pixie account for you which has the BTCSoftware integration.

To set up the integration you will need to have administrator login credentials for the BTCHub for your firm. Once you’ve authenticated successfully, you will be asked to provide permission to Pixie; you will need to enable all permissions for the integration to work.

A setup wizard will help guide you through the process to import your existing clients from BTCHub allowing you to match any existing clients you may already have in Pixie. You will then be prompted to import any tasks (i.e. in-progress tax returns) into Pixie. Once the wizard is complete a task for each tax return will appear in your work.

Upon opening your tasks, you will see the state of the tax return is synced with the status in the BTCHub. You can easily open the relevant tax return in BTCHub to work on it by clicking on the “Open In BTCSoftware” button on each task.

Once the tax return is completed in BTCHub, you will be able to send the tax return to the client for your review. This will send the client an email with a link to open the tax return, review it and electronically sign it if they’re happy with it.

Once the tax return is submitted to HMRC, you will be able to send an email to the client with the reference number, refund or payment amounts due as well as when payments need to be made. Pixie will even remind clients to make payment ahead of the due dates.

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