Similar to tags in other applications, labels can be assigned while working through tasks. Labels can be used, for example, to indicate task status, urgency, type of client, etc. These labels can be seen in the Task list, as well as other locations where tasks are listed.

Note that the Overdue label is applied automatically to tasks past their due date, which are not marked as complete.

To view, edit, or add task labels, click Settings across the top, and open the Task labels tab.

There are several default labels provided, and you can add more as needed. For each label, you can edit its text, or click its color swatch to set the label’s background color. Be sure to click Save all changes when finished.

Some Pixie users find it helpful to create color-coded label groups. For example, you can use gray labels for client tasks, blue labels for client types or service packages, and green labels for internal tasks.

If you want a set of chronological labels, we recommend numbering them, since the label list is alphabetical. For example, you can have “1. Client informed, “2. Waiting for Client Files,” etc.

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