What file formats can I import?

At the moment, the import tool accepts CSV files only.

Why is my import showing errors?

Import errors occur for different reasons:

  • If a record in the CSV file does not have a client name or it's blank

  • If a record in the contacts file does not have a client name

  • When a record in the contacts file does not have a first name

  • Incorrect date format; all dates must be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD

  • When a contact has the same email address as a team member in this workspace

  • If any values have line breaks in them

You can view the errors during the importing process. To resolve import errors you must edit the CSV and retry uploading again.

Customers on Annual Subscription plans have access to our import service. To request this service please contact us.

How does Pixie treat import files with existing records?

Importing a file containing information on existing records will update matching properties in these records on Pixie, if Pixie is able to match the information to these records. Records are matched in the following way:

  • Clients: clients are matched by name. If you want to update client records you must ensure the name of the client record in the CSV file matches the name of the client in Pixie.

  • Client contacts: contacts are matched by client name and email address. If you want to change the name of the contact Joanne Smith in the company called Acme Ltd., with email address joanne@acme.ltd, the CSV line must have a column for the company name (Acme Ltd.), a column for the contact's email address (joanne@acme.ltd) and a column for the contact name.

How do I associate records during an import?

Pixie automatically associates contacts to clients using a column for company name in the CSV file containing the contact records.

How do I include foreign language characters in my import file?

To import a file that includes foreign language characters, ensure that your file is UTF-8 encoded.

How do I import more than one type of record in one file?

At the moment it isn't possible to have more than one type of record in a single file. A file must have only client details or client contacts.

Who has access to import information?

Any user with access to your workspace will have the ability to import information. If you need to control this, please let us know.

How many columns can I include in the CSV import file?

There is a limit of 200 columns per CSV import.

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