When you get an email from your clients, Pixie allows you to create a job from the email. Pixie will then display the job in your My Day view, and you can manage that job along with your other tasks for the day.

Pixie also allows you to create jobs from scratch. You can manually create a job in just 5 steps:

  • Select Start new job from the + button in the sidebar menu.
  • Give a name for the job.
  • Select a client.
  • Define the tasks.
  • Click the Start new job button to start the job.

Starting a New Job

To begin, select Start new job from the + button in the sidebar menu.

Pixie displays the Job details form.

Give a name for the job. Select the client whose job it is. You can also specify the duration and priority of the job.

NOTE: By default, Pixie selects you as the Assignee, or manager, for the job. If you want, you can select someone else as the manager for the job.

Click the Next button.

NOTE: You must select at least one client for the job. If you fail to do this, you will not be able to click the Next button.

Choosing a Template for the Job

Pixie now asks you to select a template for the job. Templates are pre-defined lists of tasks.

You can select from existing templates or you can create a custom job.

TIP: Even if you select an existing template, you can edit or change its tasks. So, if the job you are defining is like an existing template, you can save time by selecting the template and then modifying the tasks as per your requirements.

Click the Next button.

Adding Tasks to the Job

Pixie now asks you to define the tasks that make up the job.

NOTE: If you selected an existing template, Pixie displays the tasks that have been defined in that template. However, you can make changes to these tasks, or even add or remove tasks, if required.

Modifying or Removing Tasks

Click a task. Pixie displays the details of the tasks.

Modify the details of the job and click the Save Task button to save the changes. Or, to remove the task from the job definition, click the Remove task button. In either case, Pixie returns you to the list of tasks.

After making the necessary changes to the tasks list, click the Start new job button. Pixie saves the job and adds it to your list of jobs.

NOTE: By default, Pixie displays only those jobs that are either overdue or that are due on the current day. So, if the job is not due on the current day, you will not see it in your My Day view. If you want to see the job in your My Day view, click the Filter jobs button and select All from the Due bydrop-down list to make Pixie show you all the jobs assigned to you.


As you have seen in this article, Pixie allows you to manually create jobs in just 5 steps. You need to name the job and select a client. You can then create a custom job where you define all the tasks, or you can select from an existing template. Though the template has pre-defined tasks, you can modify these tasks to suit your requirements.

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