Sometimes you might repeat the same job for different clients. Or, it could be a job you need to execute periodically, such as a monthly management report. 

Pixie helps you save time by allowing you to create a job template for such recurring jobs. 

Rather than defining the tasks each time you set up the job, you can instead create a template for it. 

Once you’ve created the template, you can select it while creating a new job. Pixie will then add all the defined tasks to the job. So you save time, as you will not have to add each task individually. In the same way, for recurring jobs, Pixie will recreate the job at the predefined interval.

Creating a job template is a 5-step procedure:

  • Click the Settings icon in the sidebar menu.
  • Select the Job Templates option.
  • Click Add template.
  • Define the basic template details.
  • Define the template tasks.


Adding a New Template

Click the Settings icon in the sidebar menu. Pixie displays the Settings menu. Click Job Templates to open the Job Templates screen.

Click Add template to add a new template. Pixie displays the Template details form.

You have to enter the following details in this screen:

  • Template name: Give a unique name for this template.
  • Template description: Describe what the template does in a few words.
  • Default Assignee: Select a default assignee from the drop-down list. This is the person Pixie will assign the job to if you do not select any other person while creating a job using this template.

NOTE: The Default Assignee drop-down list has a special item named “Client manager”. If you select this item, when you create a new job for a client using this template, Pixie will assign the job to the person whom you have selected as the client manager for that client. (See Creating a client for more details.)


Template Trigger

Use this drop-down list to specify when Pixie should start the job. Pixie offers 4 options:

  • On date: Select the date on which you want the job to run.
  • Week day: Select the day of the week on which you want the job to run.
  • Month day: Select on which day of the month you want the job to run, for example, the first Monday of the month.
  • On client date field: Select when you want the job to run based on a date field that you have defined for the client. You can select whether you want the job to run on that date, or ‘n’ days before/after that date.

Template Frequency

Specify whether the job is a one-time job (No repeat), or whether it should repeat weekly, monthly, or yearly. If you select weekly, monthly, or yearly, you have to also specify for how many weeks/months/years you want the job to run.

Expected Duration

The expected duration lets you define the job deadline. If for example you configure a template with a duration of 7 days, these jobs will have a deadline of one week after they are started.

Once you’ve entered all the above details, click the Next button to define the tasks that make up the job.

Adding Tasks to the Template

Here, you can enter the following details:

Name: Give a clear name to the task, allowing anyone to later execute it.

Type: Select the type of the task. You can select one of the following options:

  • Instructions:Select this to give instructions. You can type the instructions in the Instructions box. You can also upload one or more files.
  • Send automated email: Select this option to have Pixie send an email to the client’s Primary Contact. You can ask Pixie to send the email in either the Client manager’s name or the Job assignee’s name. You can define the subject and the content of the email.
  • Send email manually: If you select this option, the Job assignee will have to manually send the email to the client’s Primary Contact. You can define the subject and the content of the email.

Click the Add task button to add more tasks to the job.

TIP: To remove a task, click the task in the task list to select it and then click the Remove task button.

TIP: To reorder the tasks, grab a task by its drag handle and drag it up or down. Release the mouse button when the task is in the desired location.

After creating all the tasks, click the Save task button to save the newly created tasks.

Finally, click the Save template button to save the template.

You can now click the Start new job button to create a new job using this template or click the close button to return to the list of Job Templates.


Pixie allows you to create job templates defining the tasks that need to be carried out for a job. You can also define the frequency of the job. If you have recurring tasks or jobs, you can save some time by defining job templates for those tasks or jobs.

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