Pixie has been developed to help you manage your daily jobs. When jobs are assigned to you, they appear in your My Day view. Your My Day view also shows you the number of open, overdue, and urgent jobs.

The My Day view is the default view that opens when you log in to Pixie. From here, you can also delegate jobs to team members. You can mark jobs as urgent. If a job or task goes on hold, you can snooze the job for a day or a week. This way, you can get free time to work on other jobs.

NOTE: By default, Pixie displays only those jobs that are either overdue or that are due on the current day. Explore the different options in the Due by drop-down list to make Pixie show you all the jobs assigned to you.

Marking a Job as Done

Pixie will automatically mark jobs as done when you mark all the tasks as completed. But you can also manually mark a job as done.

In the To do job list, point to the job you want to delete. Pixie displays some icons next to the job.

Click the more options icon and select Mark as donefrom the menu that appears.

Pixie marks the job as completed and moves it to the Done list.

Viewing the List of Completed Jobs

As you complete jobs, Pixie automatically moves the jobs to the Done list. You can view this list of completed jobs to get an idea of how much progress you have made during the day.

NOTE: The list is reset every day to keep things tidy.

Click the My day icon in the sidebar menu.

Click Done from the sidebar menu.

Pixie displays the list of jobs that you have completed during the day.

You can perform the following tasks from this list:

  • View the details of a job
  • Delete a job

TIP: To re-open a job that has been marked as completed, view the details of the job and mark one or more tasks as unfinished or “To do”. Pixie will re-open the job and move it back to your To do list.


You can perform all your job maintenance tasks in Pixie. You can view the list of jobs assigned to you, delegate jobs to others, change the priority of jobs, snooze jobs for a day or a week, delete jobs, and mark jobs or tasks as completed.

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