You can add your clients into Pixie from the Clients screen. However, this will take a long time if you have many clients. A quicker approach is to import your clients in bulk.

Importing clients into Pixie is a 4-step procedure:

  • Click the Clients icon in the sidebar menu.
  • Click the Import Client CSV button and select the CSV file that contains the client list.
  • Match fields in the CSV file to Pixie’s fields.
  • Click the Confirm button to confirm the import.

Selecting the CSV File

Pixie can import your client details from a CSV file.

NOTE: CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. A CSV file is a type of text file that contains data values separated by commas. The first row of the file should mandatorily have the column headings, separated by commas. The remaining rows of the file should have your client details—one row per client. Within the row, each item of data (field) should be separated from the next by a comma.

For example, consider the following client data in an Excel sheet:

When you export this to a CSV file, it will appear as:

Name, Email, Address, City, State, Postcode
Client A,, ABC Street, Some City, Some State, 123456
Client B,, XYZ Street, Another City, Some State, 145876

TIP: If you have your client and contact details in a spreadsheet, you can easily convert it to a CSV file. Most spreadsheet applications have an export to CSV command.

Click the Clients icon in the sidebar menu. Pixie displays the client list.

Click the Import Client CSV button. Pixie displays a dialog box allowing you to drag & drop your CSV file or upload it from your computer.

Match fields in the CSV file to Pixie’s fields

When you select a CSV file, Pixie displays all the column headings in the file and asks you to match them with Pixie’s fields.

For each column, specify whether the data belongs to a client or to a contact. Then select the proper field name from the Pixie Field column.

Custom fields

To import a field that doesn't yet exist in Pixie, you will need to use Custom Fields. 

  • Select the option "Custom Field" in Pixie Field
  • For Custom Field Name, type the name of the field and press Enter
  • Select one of the available Field Types: text, number, date, or boolean (true/false).

With custom fields you can extend Pixie to make it track specific information about client and contacts. Custom fields of type Date can also be used as triggers when scheduling recurring jobs.

Importing the Data

After matching the fields, click the Confirm button to begin the import.
Pixie imports the data and adds the clients to the Client List.

NOTE: Pixie assigns yourself as the default Client Manager to the imported entries. You will need to edit each entry and reassign the appropriate Client Manager.


If you have a list of clients, you need not manually add them one by one. Instead, you can import all your clients and contacts from a CSV file into Pixie in one go.

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