You can add any number of clients into Pixie. This helps Pixie keep items such as open jobs, emails, documents, or contacts organised in the client's record.

There are two ways to add your clients to Pixie. You can add a new client directly from an email message. Or, you can add a new client via the Client List screen.

We have seen how to add a new client based on an email in another article. In this article, let us see how to add a new client via the Client List.

Adding a new client via the Client List is a 3-step procedure:

  • Click the Clients icon in the sidebar menu to view the Client List.
  • Click the Add client button to open the Add client form.
  • Specify the client’s details and save the form.

Viewing the Client List

Click the Clients icon in the sidebar menu. Pixie displays the list of clients.

Adding a New Client

Click the Add client button. Pixie displays the Add Client form.

Pixie displays the Add client form.

Creating a client entry is a three-step process:

  • Adding client details.
  • Adding custom field details for the client (optional).
  • Adding client contact details.

Entering Client Details

NOTE: In this screen, the client’s name, the type of client, and the manager of the client are mandatory items. 

Enter the client details.

Click the Next button to add more data for the client.

Filling in the Custom Fields

You can optionally add additional details about the client (if custom fields have been defined for the client form).

Click the Next button to add the client contacts.

Adding Client Contact Details (Optional)

Here, you can add the contact details of all the persons you would need to contact in the client’s office. 

NOTE: This is an optional step. You need to add client contacts only if there is more than one contact for the client. If your client is the sole contact, you can skip this final step by clicking the Skip and save client button. 

To add the contact details of other persons in the client’s office, click the Add contact button.

Add the contact details.

NOTE: The First name and the Email address are mandatory.

If needed, click the Add contact button to add details of another contact.

TIP: If you’ve added a contact by mistake, select the contact in the Contact List and click the Delete button to delete the contact entry.

After adding all the contacts, click the Save contact button to save the contact entries.

Finally, click the Save client button to save the new client entry. Pixie will add the client to your list of clients.


As you have seen in this article, it is quite easy to create a new client entry via the Client List. Once you create the client entry, all threads of all conversations with the client will be saved with the client’s entry. This way, you can easily refer to all the discussions you have had with the client while working on the job.

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