Pixie can help you keep track of your clients and contacts within the client’s office. 

Pixie also allows you to assign a person as a client manager. The client manager is put in charge of any jobs that are created for the client. All job-related emails to the client go in the client manager’s name.

Viewing the Client List

Click the Clients icon in the sidebar menu. Pixie will display the list of clients.

Here you can see a list of all your clients. You will see the client’s name, the type of client, and the manager assigned to the client. You can also see the number of open jobs, overdue jobs, and urgent jobs for each client.

You can add a new client entry (by clicking the Add client button). If you have a separate list of clients in a comma-separated values file, you can import the list by clicking the Import client CSV button.

TIP: You can use the + icon at the bottom of the screen, to send a message to a client, start a new job for a client, or add a new client entry.

Filtering the Client List

If you have many clients, you can filter the list and ask Pixie to show you only those clients that meet your search criteria.

To filter the client list:

Click the Filter clients button. Pixie will display the Filter clients list form.

Select a field from the Field drop-down list.

New items will appear in the row, depending on the type of field you select. Select items from drop-down lists or enter values into text boxes to create your search condition.

For example, if you select “Manager” from the Field drop-down list, you can then select “is” and choose a manager’s name from the drop-down lists that appear. This will instruct Pixie to show all jobs of the selected manager.

You can specify more than one condition. Click Add new condition to specify another condition. If you add more than one condition, Pixie will display client entries that match all the conditions you specify.


As you have seen in this article, Pixie allows you to keep track of your clients. You can view the list of clients, add new clients, and import clients from a list. You can also view the number of open, overdue, and urgent jobs for each client.

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