When you receive an email from a client, Pixie allows you to connect or link up that email to a job. You can connect the email to an existing job or create a new job from that email.

Creating a new job from an Email is a 4-step procedure:

  • Click the Inbox icon in the sidebar menu.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over a message in the list of messages and click the Add email to job icon.
  • Click the Create job button.
  • Specify the job details and save the form.

Selecting the email

Click the Inbox icon in the sidebar menu. Pixie displays the list of emails in your Inbox.

Hover the mouse pointer over an email and click the Add email to job icon.

Click the Create job button to open the job details form.

Job details

Creating a job is a two-part process. in the first step you can:

  • Name the job.
  • Specify an estimated duration for the job.
  • Assign the job to yourself or to a team-mate.
  • Mark a job as urgent.
  • Select a template for the job or create a custom job. If you choose a template, the job will have a copy of all of its tasks. Otherwise, a custom job will have no tasks.

Note: If you want to create a job for someone who isn't yet one of your clients in Pixie, first you must create the client.

You can mark a job as urgent by clicking the Set urgent button. Click the button again to return the job priority to normal.

Click the Next button to define the job task details.

Adding tasks to the job

Here, you can:

  • Define the tasks that make up the job.
  • For each task, you can type a name and select the type of task.

Note: Only one task will appear initially. Click the Add task button to add more tasks to the job.

Tip: To remove a task, click the task to select it and then click the Remove task button.

Tip: To reorder the tasks, grab a task by its drag handle and drag it up or down. Release the mouse button when the task is in the desired location.

Click the Save task button to save the newly created tasks.

Starting the job

Once you are happy with the tasks in the new job, click the Start new job button to start it. The job will now be listed in the To do section of your dashboard.


As you have seen in this article, you can easily create jobs for any email in your Inbox. Once you create and start the job, all threads of the conversation will be saved with the job. This way, you can easily refer to all the discussions you have had with the client while working on the job.

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