Connecting your Email Inbox to Pixie

Pixie integrates well with your Gmail or Office365 email accounts. Pixie has a smart inbox that works on top of your existing email account. Once you connect Pixie with your email account, you will be able to manage your emails from within Pixie itself. You will be able to read, reply to, and send emails without leaving Pixie.

Another benefit of connecting your email inbox to Pixie is that you can then set up jobs or tasks based on your emails. Once you do this, messages that you receive or send will be linked with the right clients and tasks automatically, without you having to manually record those communications. So your client records will be kept up-to-date without any additional effort.

Let us see how to connect your email account with Pixie.

Connecting Pixie to your Email Inbox is a 3-step procedure:

  • Click the Inbox icon in the sidebar menu.
  • Allow Pixie to access your Email Inbox.
  • Import your emails into Pixie.

Give Pixie Access to your Inbox

Click the Inbox icon in the sidebar menu.

Pixie will request permission to synchronise your email Inbox.

Click the Grant permission button.

Pixie will ask you to sign-in to your email account. Once you’ve signed into your account, Pixie will request permission to import your emails.

Note: You will need to manually import your emails only the first time when you connect your email account to Pixie. Thereafter, Pixie will automatically import your emails as they arrive in your Inbox.

Click the Start Import button to start the import.

Managing email

Pixie will import the emails and sort them into Priority and Other.

Priority emails are emails from clients created in Pixie, whereas Other emails are emails that aren’t related to a client. You can click the Priority or Other tabs to switch between the two.

Click an email in the list to view the content of the email in the panel on the right.

Through your Pixie inbox, you can:

  • Reply to your emails.
  • Delegate tasks/emails to your teammates.
  • Mark an email as “done”. This will move the email out of your inbox and into the archive.
  • Delete an email. Note that deleting an email from within Pixie does NOT delete the email from your actual email inbox. It only sends the email to the Trash folder in Pixie.


As you have seen in this article, it is quite easy to have Pixie connect with your email Inbox. Once connected, Pixie can import your email messages, and you can then delegate tasks, reply to emails, mark tasks as completed and delete email messages.

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